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Cameron Douglas Announces Visit to Masters!

October 20, 2010

'Lonely Cloud' 15in high

This Saturday, Oct 28th bronze artist Cameron Douglas will be joining us in the gallery. Travelling from his home in Nelson, BC, Cameron will be bringing several new works, including his latest creation ‘Takakkaw Falls’ which has yet to be cast and will be on display in clay form.

With more than thirty years of working in the plastic arts, Cameron will also carry with him a wealth of experience and wisdom in the art of bronze making which he is more than willing to share. Since his days as a fine arts student at Red Deer College, and the David Thompson University in Nelson, he has worked with foundries in Calgary, Canmore and Nelson, producing an impressive body of work whose numbers are likely in the hundreds. Many of these works, we are proud to say, have found homes through Masters, a relationship that has resulted in an extensive exhibition history and a major following of Cameron’s work among Calgary collectors.

The main reason collectors have continued to turn their attention to Cameron’s work is that so few artists are able to capture the poetics of the human figure in such compelling terms. Cameron’s work rests on a delicate balance of historical and modern concerns over figurative representation. It blends a classical understanding of the proportions of the body with a modernist ambition for the expressive manipulation of form and subject. The result is an irresistible vision of the harmony grace and even playfulness of the  human form.

One of the pieces on display, Lonely Cloud (illustrated above) is a pronounced testament to this vision. Inspired by a poem of the same name by the English Romanticist William Wordsworth, Cameron makes his ‘healthy’ proportioned subject seem to float before our eyes hovering elegantly above a bed of Daffodils. In another, Cameron interprets the shapes of Canmore’s Three Sisters as a warming narrative of sisterly compassion. Other works on display include Family Totem, Stubby and Chinook.

Cameron will be in attendance from 10am to 5pm, Saturday Oct. 28th. See you at the gallery!


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