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Feature Artist: David J. Veres

April 25, 2014


While completing his BFA at the U of C, contemporary Calgarian artist, David J. Veres, became fascinated by the potential of acrylic paint. Since, David has continued to explore the possibility of the modern medium while applying it to the more traditional landscape genre. Inspirited by The Group of Seven, David has developed a unique artistic method where he shapes, cuts, and adheres acrylic pieces to landscape surfaces. He says that “by processing the subject matter differently, the end result produces [his] own pictorial vocabulary that describes nature differently and opens new insights.” He calls this “processing nature.”

David J. Veres will be joining us at Masters Gallery Calgary tomorrow, April 26th, for the second iteration of Modern Canadian LandscapesHe’ll be showing off nine brand new creations and offering more insight on how his fascinating artistic method came to be. 

(Image: David J. Veres, Through the Pines2014, cast acrylic and acrylic on canvas, 16×20 in.)

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