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Randolph Parker’s Inspiration Trip

July 7, 2015
Randolph Parker on his trip to Waterton Lakes National Park

Randolph Parker on his trip to Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park and the Ranch Lands of South Western Alberta are exceptional for their natural beauty, topography, weather conditions, flora and fauna. Artist, Randolph Parker, recently spent a week in the area exploring for visual inspiration and came away with enough to last for years and was kind enough to share with us bits of his experience.

Told by staff at Master’s Gallery, it would take two and a half hours to drive from Calgary to Waterton Lakes, it actually took Parker nine hours. “The beauty along the Cowboy Trail heading south was so impressive I had to stop every few kilometers to take photographs,” says Parker.

The Wild Flower Festival at the park was just beginning as he arrived and the weather was fantastic. Blue skies with a variety of cloud patterns greeted him every day, adding complexity and drama to an already stunning landscape. Hundreds of photographs were taken as reference material. Parker said, “Sometimes you see a fantastic composition in front of you but the best lighting effect is behind you.”

After a few days of hiking, Parker headed north to join longtime art dealer and friend, Rod Green from Masters Gallery, at a ranch near Twin Butte. Green had arranged through the generosity of the ranch owner for Parker to explore the area with a fantastic and knowledgable guide.

For the next few days, the land was traversed from creek beds to mountainsides. Vistas were viewed many times and contemplated under a variety of light conditions, all in an effort to understand the area.

Parker stated “It is difficult to describe the joy and awe of walking on that land without waxing poetic.”

Suffice it to say, this visual artist was thrilled to be there and is looking forward to creating paintings that reflect the landscape’s vastness and complexity.

Masters Gallery will show these new works, from the amazing South West corner of Alberta, as they become available. For a peek at available works by Randolph Parker or to keep an eye out for new paintings, visit our website.

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