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Yellow Day: Amy Dryer and David J. Veres in the Mountains

October 20, 2015

Plein air 19

Recently, artists Amy Dryer and David J. Veres join forces in a plein air painting trek to the Rockies. Luckily for us, they’ve shared with us some photographs and a recountal of their breathtaking adventure.

Yamnuska 2015, Image 2

Amy Dryer

The day fellow artist David Veres and I drove to the mountains was golden. The two of us arrived at the base of Yamnuska and wandered around a bit, looking to set up our canvases at the base of the mountain, amidst the dense yellow. David’s dog, Sok, was shaking with excitement at the prospect of walking, running and smelling the landscape. The two of us artists set up our respective canvases and began the task/ challenge/ goal of focused observation. The light shifted and moved all day while we painted, and our aim to capture this moment in time was solidified in our work.


David J. Veres

I set out for a day of artist fellowship with Amy Dryer and the prospects of painting a grove of beautiful yellow aspens out west. We ended up below Mount Yamnuska, a perfect spot to capture a spectacular Alberta fall day. Sok, my border collie cross, came along, much to our entertainment and distraction! After some play time with Sok, we set up our work stations and began the afternoon of painting on what were relatively large canvasses for plein air painting. It was enjoyable, challenging, refreshing and we look forward to the three of us doing it again.

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