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Amy Dryer Plans to Study Women in German Expressionism at her Berlin Residency

March 23, 2018

Amy Dryer-9749-Edit-3

(Photo Credit: George Dimitrov)

Masters Gallery artist, Amy Dryer, will travel to Berlin on April 1st to complete a month-long SIM Artist Residency. With a continued interest in emphasizing and focusing on the narratives of women, Amy aims to delve more deeply into the stories and artistic processes of German Expressionist painters. To date, art history has been very male focused and Amy’s studies will deviate from this predominant narrative to explore alternative stories that celebrate women artists.

With expressionism originating in Germany, Berlin is an ideal place to undergo an in-depth exploration of it and how it applies to contemporary female artists today. Dryer hopes to answer a series of questions surrounding her practice through connecting and collaborating with other artists and creatives during her residency.

Several questions will guide Dryer’s research and artistic practices during this residency, including whether or not there is a difference between how male and female artists portray women in their stylistic and interpretive works; how did women artists paint and find voice during the German expressionist movement; and how has history influenced contemporary women artists.

Dryer will also contribute to a project titledĀ Women in German Expressionism by American authors, Anke Fingers and Julie Shouts. The project will explore the marginalized voices of women in the German expressionist movement.

“Men have traditionally overshadowed women painters and some would argue that institutional structures continue to restrict women’s mobility in the art profession. I plan to integrate my research into my practice of painting and drawing the female figure linking artistic contributions of historical and contemporary women artists” says Dryer.

We’re so excited for Amy and can’t wait to see the outcome of this endeavour!

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