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AY Jackson at Banff Centre Fundraiser Auction

July 20, 2017

The Masters Gallery team is excited to attend Banff Centre’s annual Midsummer Ball Weekend July 21 – 23. This fundraising event draws allies of the arts from far and wide to support the institution that is so integral to the development of our nation’s artists.

A large part of funds raised will be generated by a silent auction to which Masters Gallery is thrilled to have had the opportunity to donate “Great Bear Lake”, an incredible historical painting by Banff Centre faculty and founding member of the Group of Seven, A.Y. Jackson.

All proceeds from the silent auction go directly to the Artist Fund, which provides students with the means to live and create without having to worry about their day-to-day finances. “Support to remove financial barriers for our students is crucial in helping them reach their full creative potential, and attaining the unachievable,” says Kate Price, Development Officer for Events and Ball Sponsorship.

In addition to curriculum and materials, participants are also provided with room and board, medical and counselling services, recreational facilities and programs. The fund allots students the time and space they need to dive deep into their artistic practices, experiment with new forms, and create meaningful work during their stay.

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